I want to talk at a high level about what boards do before pointing out a potentially unexplained relationship between ProPublica’s authors and an outgoing Hershey Trust board member’s attempt to retain power.

Screengrab from ProPublica

I always struggle with keeping my mouth shut when the press gets it wrong about Milton Hershey…

Maskless students at Christian Unified East elementary school in El Cajon were divided by plexiglass on desks in August. California used to allow students in grades 2 and under to not wear masks and it did not enforce a minimum distance requirement. Now California is requiring six feet between student chairs and is mandating that students of all grade levels in public and private schools wear masks. (Photo and Caption: Jarrod Valliere / The San Diego Union-Tribune)

San Diego schools and universities should remain closed to students and staff until our vaccination rates are high enough, we have the right support for schools to reopen tackling the airborne nature of the COVID-19, or both.

COVID-19 Spread By Students, and Air

Schools and universities that reopened last fall turned their counties into hotspots throughout…

As an alumnus of the Milton Hershey School (Class of 2006) I am very proud and inspired by the news that they intend to enter into early childhood education space.

Class of 2006 was the second class to participate in an experimental summer college course program for rising juniors. Photo taken Summer 2005.

The Milton Hershey School (MHS) is a unique institution as it is both the wealthiest K-12 institution in the world…

In the past ten years, I paid nearly triple for loans I took out in undergrad.

Drexel University via Drexel University Library Roof, October 22nd 2008
  • I took out two loans at 13.5% & 11.5% totaling 23K as a junior and ended up paying 64,305.23 for them over the span of a decade.
  • My loans were not covered by the…

Jamison Langguth

Drexel Psychology 2010, Penn Ed Policy 2015, Harvard Health Management 2018, Yale Blavatnik Fellow 2020

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