I paid $64,305 for a $23,000 student loan.

In the past ten years, I paid nearly triple for loans I took out in undergrad.

Drexel University via Drexel University Library Roof, October 22nd 2008
  • My loans were not covered by the CARES act, it just opened an opportunity to pay them off. If it were not for the CARES act I would have paid 86,765.75.
  • I would have been rejected for PSLF even though I have worked for eligible nonprofits for the past decade.
  • In my 32 years on this earth I have lost sleep due to being hungry and unsafe, but I cannot understand how Navient employees sleep at night.
Drexel University Park, November 29th 2008
My loan payments by month, ranging from $350 up to $19,000. Numbers not adjusted for inflation, as they are already obscene.
Main Building, Drexel University October 22nd 2008.

Drexel Psychology 2010, Penn Ed Policy 2015, Harvard Health Management 2018, Yale Blavatnik Fellow 2020

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