ProPublica & The Former Chairperson

Screengrab from ProPublica
  • One important contextual piece missing from these articles is that there is a former chairperson fighting to retain power in their last year on the board.
  • The timing of this former chairpersons legal maneuvers and their involvement in ProPublica’s articles is incredibly curious.
Beginning of an exchange where Bob reaches out to the new Chairperson as well as the school and is ignored. Source: Link Here.
  • September 2020: Bob Fernandez, a reporter in this very ProPublica series, reports on the potential new school.
  • November 2020: Bob Fernandez by way of ProPublica began reaching out to alumni about their experience. I spoke to them in December about my experience.
  • December 2020: a new chairperson is elected, effective that day.
  • January 15th 2021: Bob Heist starts documenting his requests for more information about school decisions from the chairperson as well as the school.
  • January 26th: the Catherine Hershey School was greenlit; obviously planned long before and maybe the focus of his information requests. Bob Heist is quoted (as the chairperson) in support of the new school. Maybe he was in the loop, or maybe this is just normal muted corporate applause.
  • January through April: Bob Heist continues to drill the school and the chair for information. His actions are filed publicly in court on April 2nd.
  • April 16th: ProPublica begins publishing their series — quoting Bob Heist and linking us all to the court documents.

Drexel Psychology 2010, Penn Ed Policy 2015, Harvard Health Management 2018, Yale Blavatnik Fellow 2020

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Jamison Langguth

Jamison Langguth

Drexel Psychology 2010, Penn Ed Policy 2015, Harvard Health Management 2018, Yale Blavatnik Fellow 2020

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