Reopening San Diego Schools During A Pandemic Would Be Foolish

The novel coronavirus pandemic has upended every aspect of life for Americans. Schools were not immune to this disruption and many face dire choices for reopening this fall. San Diego Unified School District’s choice to remain closed is the right choice as no school in the US should reopen until the pandemic is under control nationwide.

Evolution of the 2020 Pandemic in the United States

Without clear federal leadership, states have had different responses and reopening plans. The beginning of the pandemic in Spring 2020 was centered around an outbreak in New York City. Those who were spreading the virus early on were the elderly. As of Summer 2020, the dynamics of the ongoing pandemic have changed: younger Americans are now the ones catching and spreading the virus. Of particular note for educators and administrators, the virus can spread from a child to an older person, even if the child is asymptomatic or presymptomatic.

COVID-19 Can Be Transmitted Easily — Even Through the Air

The ease of which the virus can be transmitted should be on the front of educators and administrators minds as schools reopen for the fall. Even a routine event like riding the elevator can turn into a superspreading event: it took just 60 seconds in an elevator to infect 71 people. While it has been officially recognized by public health agencies that the virus can spread person to person through droplets and less so through surfaces, the evidence for airborne transmission has not been formally communicated. There is enough evidence to say that the virus can be transmitted in the air, however, how long it remains airborne is currently up for debate with estimates ranging from 3–16 hours. Poorly ventilated rooms and/or recirculated air inside buildings are confirmed events of virus transmission.

Reopening Schools: ‘Highest Risk’ of Transmission

Internal documents from the CDC state that reopening K-12 schools are of the ‘highest risk’, however, federal leadership scuttled the full release of this report and many state reopening plans have overlooked similar advice while rushing to reopen. There is pressure to reopen schools due to urgent economic reasons. It is estimated up to 30% of the workforce relies on preschools and elementary schools as a form of childcare, of which, the thought is to get school up and running so parents can return physically to the workplace without considering the harm involved with schools reopening during a pandemic.

Examples of COVID-19 Outbreaks in K-12 Schools

School closures help to reduce viral transmission. There are plenty of documented attempts at reopening that have resulted in outbreaks. In Israel, within two weeks of reopening, outbreaks closed schools with nearly 130 cases at a single school. In France, schools closed days after reopening with 70 new cases. In Arizona, three teachers shared a classroom where all three contracted the virus and one died. Football practices and other summer sports, day and sleepaway camping, and schools beginning to reopen in general have had documented COVID-19 outbreaks. While the risks of death and/or complications for children who contract this virus are much lower than that of adults — this an immoral argument: what is the cost of one student’s life just to reopen?

No In-Person Education Until There is a Vaccine

Data-focused reopening strategies have considered a few variables: % of ICU beds available, % positive testing, and availability of PPE supplies. Ignoring timely reporting, concerns of accuracy, testing shortages and inadequate contact tracing — states that use live data to inform decisions may act too late: it takes up to two weeks to manifest symptoms which would prompt a visit to a testing site, and the recorded deaths lag a month after confirmed diagnoses. Early in the pandemic, urgency of actions by states rested on the number of deaths more so than any other alarming indicator like the exponential increase that would strain resources. San Diego County and Southern California at-large are experiencing a rapid increase in ICU bed use, % positive testing, and deaths of which started with increases in diagnoses back in June. It is now July 2020, and we are seeing increases in deaths nearly a month later: right on schedule. These increases may very well reach levels where Southern California shuts down further by the time school starts, however, in any event, schools reopening will provide fertile ground for the virus to rapidly spread. Action by the state will be delayed by live data, so schools should make a decision now rather than waiting a month into the school year to confirm their own outbreak. Virtual education has its own problems and limitations to quality it can provide students, but the pandemic will only end when there is a viable vaccine. Reopening schools before a vaccine is released will put students and teachers in more danger.

*Gaps in achievement were unacceptably too high before to the pandemic and will get worse, but the push to reopen too early will harm students far more than continuing to refine online pedagogy. This post recognizes that there is currently no federal financial support to encourage continued work from home, and states are running low on funds fighting this on their own. But something has to give, educational institutions were not created to carry this burden.

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